Chapter 9 - Warming the Cold Call

March 27, 2023

Key message: Find ways to relate to the person you want to connect with

Warming the Cold Call - Recap

Start with your attitude. Inviting rejection is never going to be easy. First believe that you can win. Getting to know people is a challenge and an opportunity.

Secondly, never cold call. Make it a warm one.

  1. Draft off a reference You have zero credibility with the person you’re cold calling. Find something to establish credibility. Connect based on a mutually know brand or reference can be helpful. Mention someone you both have in common. Research their interests and passions to get a perspective of their life.

  2. State your value Establishing credibility is just the starting point for the other person to give you some of their attention. Tell them what’s in it for them. What value can you offer? Knowing what problems they are facing helps you be more effective in this.

  3. Make it quick, convenient, and definitive Impart both a sense of urgency and convenience.

  4. Offer a compromise Go big in a negotiation, but leave room for compromise.

The chapter also moves on to give some tips on cold E-mails. Stating that some people prefer it over phonecalls (this is true for myself).

  1. Live and die by your Subject line
  2. Game the timing
  3. Be brief
  4. Have a clear call to action
  5. Read it out loud
  6. Spell-check