Chapter 6 - The Networking Jerk

March 2, 2023

The Networking Jerk: Recap

  • Don’t be the guy/girl at networking events constantly eye for people to trade business cards with.
  • Connections form when you are genuine.
  • Take time to care for others whether they are your peers, below you, above you, or beneficial to you in the social/professional ladder.
  • Basically don’t be an asshole.


  • Don’t schmooz - people can smell an ass kisser from a mile away
  • Don’t come empty handed - provide value to others without expecting anything in return
  • Don’t treat those under you poorly
  • Be transparent - Openly express your excitement to meet someone famous, or don’t if you’re not. Transparency invites trust.
  • Don’t be too efficient - nothing is worse than a mass email with a generic message. Spend time cultivating your relationships.

Those who are best at networking don’t ‘network’, they make friends.